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"The photos have to be 400 by 400 pixels for the site, but Mary Beth hadn't used this photo because it was too small, even though it's a great one of her," Hoehn said."If a photo is too small, but you feel it's one you want to use, don't be afraid to add a border to make it work.

The restaurants serve international as well as local dishes accompanied by local wines.

Hoehn's main critique of Caroline's photo choices was that she posed pretty much the same in all three of the pictures, and though she looked attractive, they were a little too dark to show off her best features.

"The first main photo is a window into your profile," Hoehn said.

This movie short couples lively fun with passionate characters in an epic story line.

Have just downloaded Elephants Dream, the first open source project ever made, a year of work and a lot of talk on the net about it. forgive me if I'm missing some philosophical meaning (I doubt it) but no jokes, no insight into the characters, no explanation of where they are or what they're doing there in this big machine, no nothing except a bunch of 3D animation put together.

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